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Friday, April 26, 2013

Artist Making Waves: Gaston! [indie rock / indie folk]

photo by Ashley Renee
With just a little over six months playing together, a handful of shows under their belt, and a recent posting of their first two home recordings on their SoundCloud, San Francisco's Gaston! is definitely the youngest band blogged about so far on holaOLA, but don't let their age fool you. This quartet of close friends and current roommates in SF's "The Mission" delivers a sprawling, infectious sound (in which every instrument and voice perfectly complements the others) that is so refined that it could easily be mistaken for that of indie rock veterans.

Taking the name of their apartment's signature tuxedo cat, Gaston! consists of Jeremy Williams (vocals/guitar/percussion), James McDonald (lead guitar/bass/vocals), Brad Schumacher (drums/vocals), and Will Moran (keyboards). Check out Gaston!'s catchy indie folk jam "Road" and the slow-building, Doors-influenced "Shelter" below and follow/like their SoundCloud and Facebook pages for more tracks and concert info being released soon.

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  1. This Band Has A Huge Future, Love Their Sound Gifted Artists For Sure