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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Swell Album: Young Man - Beyond Was All Around Me [indie pop / indie rock / dream pop]

Apparently, Young Man, aka Colin Caulfield, has finally matured and isn't really seeing himself as a youngster anymore. Not only does his outstanding new album Beyond Was All Around Me explore themes of maturity, retrospect, and hope for the future, but Caulfield has decided that this third full length, which is being referred to as the final chapter of the Young Man trilogy (see Ideas of Distance and Vol. 1), will be his last and that he will be dropping the Young Man moniker altogether as he plans to bring us a new project in the near future ('Man'? or maybe 'Old Man'?...jokes). On a side note, as I see the change fitting, I still find myself wondering why these now-grown-up hip hop artists (Bow Wow excused) still hold true to the 'Young/Yung/Lil' prefixes, but on second thought, you don't usually see much change in the hip hop world.

While I look forward to what Colin Caulfield has up his sleeve post-Young Man, I am enjoying his 'final chapter' to the fullest. Although he has come a long way, sonically and lyrically, since his 2009 dorm room recordings that got him noticed, Young Man still knows how to produce rich pop melodies that capture the listener, leaving them with a desire to hear more. With Deerhunter/Atlas Sound mastermind Bradford Cox and Animal Collective's Panda Bear listed as his main influences, you can hear how much they've had to do with his maturing, in regard to his relaxed vocals, airy guitar work and melodic song structures. A new addition to this final album is an impressive string collection that produces more contemplative, dreamy soundscapes that at times recall Pink Floyd.

Treat yourself to a listen to two great tracks, "In A Sense" and "Unfair", from Young Man's Beyond Was All Around Me, which is out now on Frenchkiss Records. Better yet, see if the Rolling Stone album stream below works for you (I think it's only available in the US) and purchase the amazing album here.

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  1. I too have noticed the lack of the prefix drop. buncha neverland wannabes.

    and also the awesomeness of this young man's album. They be keepin it pretty tight