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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Artist Making Waves: Astronauts, etc. [dream pop / electronic / pop]

What do you do when you are studying classical piano at UC Berkeley and you suddenly find out that your future career as a pianist is rendered practically impossible due to arthritis? Well, I suppose you do what Anthony Ferraro did and you drop out of music school to start producing beautiful electronic music under the moniker Astronauts, etc.

With music as celestial as his recording name, Ferraro has been making quite a name for himself despite having drifted away from his original musical aspirations. Astronauts, etc. boasts over 2,500 SoundCloud followers and has been floating around the 'blogosphere' for over a year now, which is a surprise considering his previous projects were scrapped shortly after their realization. However, with recent dreamy pop jams like "Sadie" and "Coldboy", it's hard to imagine Ferraro's current project going anywhere but skyward.

If I had to compare it to something, I'd say Astronauts, etc.'s melodramatic dream pop is a beautiful blend of Neon Indian's lo-fi chillwave, Porcelain Raft's smooth, heartfelt vocals, and Jai Paul's beats and song structures (see "Jasmine"). This is electronic pop at its best.

The idea of getting lost in space doesn't sound so bad if you have Astronauts, etc. to float along with. Enjoy the songs below and check out more tracks on his SoundCloud.


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  2. On a fluke, I found Astronauts, etc on SoundCloud today. I think Astronauts, etc make amazing music...It's otherworldly and ethereal...At this point, I have listened to some of the songs a few times - they are catchy and melodic. In addition, I enjoyed this article by Sean Lewis. It was well-written and informative. Thanks for posting a few other Astronauts,etc songs for us to listen to.

  3. I'd take arthritis in order to make this beautiful music.. He took a bad situation and made a pretty darn good one..