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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just Rolled In: Denpasar - "Dumb Fun" / "Old Enough" [indie pop / indie rock]

As I tend to do in my spare time, I was spending the evening clicking through SoundCloud pages on my endless search for new music when I came across something that immediately stood out: the instantly gratifying and catchy-as-hell indie pop song "Dumb Fun" by Brisbane, Australia duo Denpasar (off their upcoming Joy EP). In the same vein as the snarly San Diego surf punks Wavves, Ben Fahey (who composed the song and seems to be the primary singer of the band) along with his production-savvy counterpart Alex L'Estrange pummel through this addictive track tirelessly, winding up just under the two-and-a-half minute mark, and with Fahey hardly having taken a breath.

Another pick from Denpasar's Joy EP, "Old Enough", caught my ear with its shimmery guitars, complex structure, and glossier indie pop finish. This one was composed by L'Estrange and rolls along at a more leisurely pace, but is unfortunately even shorter than "Dumb Fun". The slightly snotty vocals of the previous track are traded for more dreamy-sounding ones on "Old Enough", which makes for more of a euphoric listen.

The Joy EP was slated to be out mid-2014, but I haven't been able to locate it online, so check Denpasar's Facebook page for updates.

Stream the two songs below, along with a couple great tracks from Fahey and L'Estrange's previous indie rock band Don Koyote and a recent song from another one of L'Estrange's current projects – Bilby.

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