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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Artist Making Waves: S O H N [electronic soul / minimal electro pop]

S O H N is a producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist originally from London who currently resides in Vienna, Austria. His recent move to Vienna has played a key role in his songwriting as themes of loneliness, starting over, and realization-that-things-aren't-so-bad are delicately strewn over his intricately multi-layered minimal electronic backdrop with his soulful, captivating voice and countered with his stuttering vocal sample that blends perfectly with the complex beat.

S O H N's first single "The Wheel" from his debut EP with the same name demonstrates these themes when he opens with "I died a week ago / There's nothing left / It's caught on video / The very last breath", and calms himself down at the end with the same smooth voice that has been relaxing us: "All this fuss over nothing / Reinventing the wheel / All this searching for something / That's not real".

Believe me – his lovely, addictive sound keeps rolling beyond "The Wheel". Check it out along with the newly released slow-building single "Bloodflows" and a few others below from S O H N's Soundcloud to fully experience his seductive electronic pop. You can buy the 2012 The Wheel EP here.