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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Artist Making Waves: f y f e - "Solace" & "St. Tropez" [smoothpop / electronic]

With his debut EP Solace due out April 8, London's f y f e (Paul Dixon, formerly of David's Lyre) has been on my radar since his first single "Solace" dropped two months ago. With that track, the 23-year-old perfectly crafts a smooth electronic song with his impressive, subdued voice, a strolling beat, and simple song structure. The electric guitar and mellotron over the soft beat of the intro and verse mix perfectly with Dixon's delicate, crooning voice to relax you and then, you're suddenly awakened when his gentle voice and beat liven up for the choruses, which are carried by a haunting "ooooh"-ing choral effect. Going 2-for-2 with hit singles, f y f e recently released another Solace track, "St. Tropez", that continues the smooth electro pop and song structure of "Solace" but takes it to another level by adding a horn section that proves that f y f e's big sound can get even bigger. Listen to the two singles below.

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